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Hometown: Edison, New Jersey, USA

Boyfriend: Niraj Mehta

Age: 38 Years

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Shital Patel

Some Lesser Known Facts About Shital Patel

  • Shital Patel is an Indian-American model, actor, and corporate executive. She came to the public’s attention in August 2022 after appearing in the Season 2 of the reality TV show, Indian Matchmaking.
  • According to Shital Patel, her parents wanted her to pursue a career either in the field of medicine or engineering; whereas, she wanted to pursue a career in the corporate sector. In an interview, she said,

    I wanted to follow a passionate life in the corporate sector, but my parents were in the favour of me pursuing a degree in medicine or engineering. I still did my graduation in BSc, but only after that I decided that no.. I want pursue a career in corporate, and that I shall do.”

  • From 2001 to 2005, Shital Patel pursued a bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Maryland.
  • After completing her formal studies, in 2005, Shital Patel joined Baltimore-based Constellation Energy.
  • At Constellation Energy, from 2007 to 2015, she worked as a Principal Pricing Analyst, where she made policies regarding the consumption of energy and exposure to volatile energy for fortune 500 clients.
  • In August 2015, Shital Patel was promoted and made a Senior Business Development Manager (SBDM).
  • While giving an interview, Shital Patel claimed that she realised her dreams of entering the entertainment and modelling industry during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. She said,

    Well you see..! I lived in a shabby and a small apartment in the New York City. It was drastically affecting my mental health. It was then when I started watching entertainment industry and realised how much happy they make people through their acts. At that point of time, I relaised that, Yes! This is what I want and this is where I will go.”

  • Since 2020, Shital Patel has modelled for several international brands. In 2020, Shital modelled for the American doughnut-making company named Dunkin Donuts.
    Shital Patel during Dunkin Donut's photoshoot

    Shital Patel during Dunkin Donut’s photoshoot

  • In the same year, Shital Patel made her debut with a web series titled In A Man’s World. The series was released on Amazon Prime, and it was made by Bravo TV.
    A poster of Shital's film titled In A Man's World

    A poster of Shital’s film titled In A Man’s World

  • In 2021, Shital Patel modelled for the Dubai-based perfume company named Roja Parfums.
    Shital Patel holding Roja Parfum's bottle

    Shital Patel holding Roja Parfum’s bottle

  • In the same year, Shital Patel modelled for Madewell, which is an American clothing brand.
    Shital Patel during Madewell clothing's photoshoot

    Shital Patel during Madewell clothing’s photoshoot

  • In August 2022, Shital Patel participated in the second season of the reality Indian TV show titled Indian Matchmaking. The show was streamed on Netflix.
  • While giving an interview after the show, Shital Patel claimed that she took part in the reality TV show only to find her true love and that she was not at all concerned about which streaming platform would the show be released on. She further said that through the reality show, she wanted to find someone who is family oriented. She said,

    When I was shortlisted to appear on the show, I was only concerned about one thing, that is, to find a life partner with whom I can live for the rest of my life. I was not even thinking about the platform on which it would show, I got to know about Netflix a lot later. I was looking for a man, who is a family person and prioritises family over everything else.”

  • Shital Patel claims that when she was selected to be a part of Indian Matchmaking Season 2, many people tried to demoralize her. In an interview, she said,

    After giving the news, many close relatives demoralized me by saying that I should stay away from the reality TV shows because they do no good and their producers are unable to get promising results. This really demoralized me.”

  • After the show, when Shital Patel was asked about her plans on getting married, she said that she wants to take things slowly and steadily and not rush anything. During an interview, she said,

    We are very happy and we are moving in the right direction. We are also very thrilled but so are my parents. They are like, When is the wedding? and I am like, Let’s pump the brakes a little bit and not rush.”

  • Sheetal Patel traces her roots back to Gujarat.
  • Sheetal Patel, on several occasions, has been seen drinking alcohol.
    Shital Patel drinking wine during a date with Niraj Mehta

    Shital Patel drinking wine during a date with Niraj Mehta

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