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Age: 70 Years

Death Date: 15/10/2022

Death Cause: Kidney Related Ailments

O. P. Sharma

O. P. Sharma

Some Lesser Known Facts About O. P. Sharma

  • O. P. Sharma was an Indian magician and illusionist. He performed more than 39,000 magic shows at the national and international levels.
  • While he was studying in class 2, he started developing an interest in doing magic tricks. In an interview, while talking about developing an interest in magic tricks, he said,

    This all started when I was in 2nd standard, nearly 7 or 8 years old. I performed a small act and it was widely appreciated by the students and teachers alike. I became the center of attraction and started performing magic tricks on Friday every week.”

  • Initially, his family did not support him to pursue his career as a magician, but his elder brother supported him throughout. During an interview, while talking about it, O. P. Sharma said,

    Nobody in my family had a background in performing magic. But, my elder brother was my real strength who supported my interest. I still remember him visiting during the summer holidays and working on magic tricks with me. As I grew older, I started reading books about magic and continued my studies in parallel.”

    A poster of O. P. Sharma's magic show

    A poster of O. P. Sharma’s magic show

  • In 1971, he got a job as a designer at Small Arms Factory, Kanpur. He did magic shows simultaneously. His first show was in Shastri Nagar colony, Kanpur, whereas his first commercial magic show was in Mumbai.
  • He then performed in various magic shows in different parts of India. Soon, he started getting popularity with his magic tricks. His magic shows started with a man coming out of an empty box. He used to believe that doing magic tricks was an art and science. His magic shows were named ‘Indrajaal.’ Later, his son joined him as a magician and performs with the name O. P. Sharma Jr.
  • He built his house named ‘Bhoot Bangla’ in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The infrastructure of his home is like a haunted house.
    O. P. Sharma's bungalow

    O. P. Sharma’s bungalow

  • In 2001, he received the National Magic Award and the title “Shehensha-e-Jadoo” (King of Magic) from the Indian Magic Media Circle.
  • He once contested for the Govindnagar Legislative Assembly seat for the Samajwadi Party. However, in 2019, he joined the BJP.
  • O. P. Sharma started a magic show group name ‘Prakash Magico’ and had more than 13 magicians in his group.

  • His favourite quote was,

    Life is a Magic and Magic is my life.”

  • During an interview, he talked about his inspiration as a magician. He said,

    I’ve always tried to learn from others, imbibe whatever good qualities they have. I was truly mesmerized by the shows of Magician K Lal and he inspired to make my shows magnificent. Presentation is crucial in this field.

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