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Controversies • Attracted controversy for inviting a rape victim’s parents to the show
Nida, in 2020, invited the parents of a 6-year-old rape victim, Marwah on her morning show Good Morning Pakistan. During the show, she asked unsympathetic questions from her parents about the rape and murder of the victim like like How did you recognise her? Oh, she was wearing the same trouser? How did you realise she had been raped? and many more. After the episode premiered on the channel, Nida faced harsh criticism and was held responsible for showing immoral, selfish, and unprofessional behaviour for the sake of increasing the TRPs of her show. She was immensely bashed by social media users on Twitter as the hashtag #BanNidaYasir trended in Pakistan. Later, Nida went live on her show to justify herself and apologize to her fans and audience for hurting their feelings and said,
First of all, I would like to apologise. If I have said or asked anything inappropriate be it intentionally or unintentionally, I ask for your forgiveness. When media support is given to such cases, the relevant authorities start to work faster. Cases of such nature almost happen on a daily basis and you don’t even find out about them. After the request of Marwah’s family, I felt that I should leave everything else and help them. God is my witness that I didn’t do the segment for any sort of TRP. You will not believe it but two days after my show, Marwah’s rapist was caught. Her family is very grateful to me. They are poor people and were in a dire state before they got some financial support because of our show.”

• Trolled for promoting controversial content
Nida, in November 2021, invited a few pairs of real-life mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law to her show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital to initiate a healthy debate between them. As the episode premiered on the channel, the social media users started trolling her badly and alleged that the show promoted the orthodox and rigid mentality of mothers-in-law towards their daughters-in-law rather than adoration and respect towards each other. The users, took to Twitter, requesting a ban on Nida’s show and shared the clips of the episode, which supposedly promoted controversial content related to suppressing women.

A user's tweet regarding banning Nida Yasir's show Good Morning Pakistan for promoting controversial content

• Criticized for mocking hijab
Nida invited Waqar, a makeup artist, on her show Good Morning Pakistan in March 2022 to give a tutorial to her audience on how to wear a hijab. (A hijab is worn by Muslim women to cover their heads in public as a sign of religious dedication towards Muslim rituals) Nida faced fierce criticism on social media for insulting Muslim traditions by wearing a hijab for the first time from a na-mehram. (A na-mehram is a man/woman with whom one is allowed to get married) Social media users lashed out at her for asking for instructions from the makeup artist on how to get a slimmer face look after wearing a hijab.

• Accused of planting fake audience
Nida was accused of planting fake audiences on her show Good Morning Pakistan to increase the rating of the show. She allegedly invited actors on the show, who portrayed themselves as a victim and highlighted their issues and problems to gain good ratings for the show and sympathy from the audience.

• Guest left Nida’s show midway
In November 2022, Nida invited Rabia Anum, a television host and anchor, on her show Good Morning Pakistan along with a few other celebrities. As the shoot for the episode started, Rabia left the show midway as she refused to share the space with one of the guests, Mohsin Abbas Haider, a Pakistani actor, who was accused in 2019 of sexually molesting her wife, Sohail. In an interview, Rabia talked about the reason for leaving the show midway and said,
There’s an issue close to me, for which I have taken a very strong stance. When I came to your show today, I knew Fiza will be here but I wasn’t informed of any other guests. I have taken a stand against domestic abuse. And I think if my smallest effort can save my daughter, my friend tomorrow, then I have to comply. But if I sat through this show today, I won’t be able to face my friends, my colleagues, or any victim tomorrow. I hope you can forgive me. For this reason, I don’t want to be a part of this show.”

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