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Hometown: Channapatna, Karnataka, India

Wife: Vishalakshi Padmanabhan

Age: 48 Years

Kishore Kumar G

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Kishore Kumar G

  • Kishore Kumar G is an Indian actor and producer who primarily appears in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu films. He made headlines in September 2022 for playing the role of Ravi Dasan in the Tamil film Ponniyin Selvan: I.
  • Kishore and his wife, Vishalakshi Padmanabhan, both studied at the National College in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, but Kishore was a senior to Vishalakshi.
  • In an interview, Kishore talked about his teaching experience and revealed that his teaching methods were not appreciated by the college faculty. He said,

    I believe you don’t need to teach literature; you discuss it and look at it from different perspectives. Of course, the management didn’t appreciate my approach, and by then I landed two films. I quit before they could throw me out.”

  • Kishore worked as an assistant to the fashion designer Vidyasagar, who was a professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).
  • Kishore Kumar G produced a few films under his production banner, Visthaara.
  • In 2020, Kishore appeared in the Telugu web series Addham in which he played the role of Ramon on Aha.
  • In 2022, Kishore appeared as Nayak in the Hindi web series She season 2 on Netflix. In an interview, Kishore talked about his experience of working in the Hindi web series She season 2 and revealed that he was not auditioned for the role of Nayak, but one of his videos related to farming grabbed the attention of the director Imtiaz Ali. He said,

    Imtiaz Ali had never seen my work before. On a YouTube channel he saw a video of me doing farming. Seeing him, he felt that the hero he was looking for, Maybe I can handle that.


  • Kishore, in an interview, talked about the first time he performed for a play during his school days and said,

    My first tryst with acting was in a school play when I was 11 years old. I studied at St Teresa’s School in Kunigal. One of my teachers, Josephine, who was pretty fond of me, forcefully made me act in a play. She chose me because I was good at memorising lines (my ability to memorise also ensured that I was among the top four ranks in class). In that play, I essayed the role of a marriage broker, who had to use devious means to get marriages fixed.”

  • While studying at the National College in Bengaluru, Kishore performed in various stage plays like Teregalu and Samrat Ashoka.
  • Kishore, before pursuing his career in acting, worked as a salesman for newspapers like Deccan Herald and Prajavani.
  • Kishore, along with his wife, Vishalakshi, practises organic farming at his farm, situated at Kari Kaadu Thota, near the Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru. In an interview, Kishore revealed that he spent most of his time doing farming during the lockdown amid Covid-19 and said,

    I spent the lockdown devoted to full-fledged farming. Not much of it is carefully planned, as I am trying to make sense of what grows well there. We did, however, try our hand at growing green gram, cow pea, paddy and ragi, among others.

    Kishore Kumar G at his farm

    Kishore Kumar G at his farm

  • During an interview, Kishore revealed that had he not become an actor, he would be a farmer or a writer. He talked about his avid interest in farming and literature and said,

    If I was not acting, I would have done farming, which I am still doing. I had a passion for literature, so my interest has been in writing, at this time I am also writing a film with a friend of mine.

  • Kishore is an ardent follower of the philosophies of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a philosopher, speaker, and writer.
  • In April 2013, Kishore’s Kannada film, Attahasa, was selected to premiere at ASEAN International Film Festival in Kuching, Malaysia.
  • In an interview, on being asked how he evolved his interest in farming, Kishore replied,

    Acting is just one part of my life; I took to natural farming in a big way while in college. I developed a love for farming when I went to live with my grandfather in his village some time ago. He single-handedly cultivated the field with minimal external intervention. I spent a lot of time observing his techniques and understood the importance of why man must give back to nature and strike an ecological balance.”

  • In September 2022, it was reported that Kishore would appear in a Bollywood film, Red Collar, directed by Chandrashekar Bandiyappa.

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