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Age: 40 Years

Wife: Hiral Gadvhi

Hometown: Pipaliya, Gujarat

Isudan Gadhvi

Isudan Gadhvi

Some Lesser Known Facts About Isudan Gadhvi

  • Isudan Gadhvi is an Indian politician and former journalist who is known for being elected as the Chief Ministerial candidate of AAP for the 2022 Gujarat Legislative Assembly election.
  • Gadhvi made his debut as a journalist with a Doordarshan show called ‘Yojana’. From 2007 to 2011, he worked as an on-field journalist in Porbandar at ETV Gujarati. In a show that he hosted on ETV Gujarati, he exposed an Rs. 150 crore scam of illegal deforestation in Dang and Kaparada talukas of Gujarat. Later, he worked in various locations in Gujarat including Vapi, Porbandar, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar as an on-field journalist.
  • In 2015, he was the youngest channel head while hosting the prime-time TV show Mahamanthan on VTV Gujarati. In the programme, he used to debate on various social issues. The show became so famous that the duration was increased from one hour to one and a half hours.
    Isudan Gadhvi as an anchor on VTV Gujarati

    Isudan Gadhvi as an anchor on VTV Gujarati

  • Gadhvi became popular by the names ‘people’s journalist’ or ‘khedut no patrakaar’ (journalist of the rural masses) for majorly discussing farmer’s issues on the show.
  • On the weekends, he used to conduct a show to promote Hindu culture and discussed topics like ‘Lord Hanuman’s history’, Karma ka Siddhant (principles of Karma), and ‘old-age homes.’
  • Gadhvi made a lot of contributions to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic. He got an ambulance officer arrested because he did not allow a woman to enter the hospital because she did not use the government ambulance. Gadhvi exposed the number of the police officer in public. In the interview, he talked about this and said,

    The officer got 10,000 calls on his mobile. He went to the high court for reprieve. It was after that incident that I started thinking that I had to do something beyond journalism.”

  • In 2021, Arvind Kejriwal talked about Isudan joining AAP and said,

    It is a huge sacrifice of a promising career to clean the mess that the ruling party, together with the Congress, had created in Gujarat. Gadhvi has left a plum career for AAP…You can bring a change from outside the system, but there is a limitation to this. So, Gadhvi decided to join the system and clean the mess.”

    Talking about this, Isudan said,

    I joined the media to serve people and the people of Gujarat liked me. I found that by remaining in the media industry, I can serve only a few people, so I left the industry and joined politics so that I can work for large number of people.”

    Isudan Gadhvi hugging Arvind Kejriwal after being elected as an AAP member

    Isudan Gadhvi hugging Arvind Kejriwal after being elected as an AAP member

  • He talked about the goals he would work on after winning the elections which included a debt waiver for farmers, a guarantee of fair prices, uninterrupted power supply, and irrigation facilities, setting up an anti-corruption helpline in Delhi and Punjab and announcing free electricity for everyone in Gujarat up to 300 units a month.
  • In 2021, he talked about the Jan Ashirwad campaign started by BJP and said that BJP was careless during the pandemic. In an interview, he said,

    The BJP has been in power in Gujarat for the past two-and-a-half decades… lakhs of people in Gujarat died of Covid owing to lack of oxygen, medicines, hospital beds and policies such as no admission in hospitals without ambulance support. But the government had hidden the figures…. At the time when people were running from pillar to post for medicines and oxygen cylinders, none of these BJP leaders answered their phone calls… worse, they switched off their mobile phones or gave rude reply to people asking for help.”

  • According to him, he smoked tobacco only once in college. In another interview, he said, he is a teetotaler.
  • He announced that he would work as a politician for ten years if his party won and then retire.
  • He refers to himself as ‘Nayak’ from an Anil Kapoor starrer Bollywood film.

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