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I was doing my final year graduation in Bangalore and my dad suddenly called me one day and said, ‘Gautham, Mani sir wants to meet’, so I said OK and went down to Chennai, met Mani sir, and Mani sir asked me if I could speak Tamil. I said, ‘Yes sir, I can.’ He said, ‘OK fine, you can go,’ and sent me back to Bangalore. I was confused. About a week or so after that, he called me again and said, ‘I have a story and want you to listen to it,’ and so, I went back, and he narrated the film’s story to me. I really loved it and said, ‘Mani sir, that’s a great story’, and he said, ‘OK, you can leave,’ and sent me back. Two weeks later, he called up again and says, ‘Gautham, you really have to come down now, we have something going.’ I agreed (with the thought of being an assistant director) and landed in Chennai. This time, I was asked to act in a couple of romantic scenes and I was even more confused, but I acted them out after which, I was again sent back home. When I got home, my dad showed me a message from Mani sir that said, ‘I’m very happy with Gautham, he’s the hero of the movie.’ So, that’s how I got the opportunity.

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