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In 2009, Anuradha Patel and her husband, Kanwaljit Singh, announced the name of Mariam Barakzoy as an additional member of their family. In a media conversation with a media house, Kanwaljit Singh stated that they had a daughter named Mariam whom they had not adopted legally. He said,

We have a daughter Mariam Barakzoy who now calls herself Mariam Singh Barakzoy.”

In the same conversation, he stated that whatever he had in his life equally belonged to Mariam. He said,

Today, I have three children. Everything that I have belongs to Mariam as well. Mariam, Siddharth, Aditya and I bond very well. Life is all about attachment.”

According to Anuradha and Kanwaljit Singh, Mariam was eight years old when she shifted from Afghanistan to America. At Delhi airport, Mariam met Kanwaljit Singh at a guest house. However, they lost contact with each other after this meeting. After four years, Mariam searched and contacted Kanwaljit Singh through an email. he remembered,

I don’t know how Mariam got my e-mail id and wrote to me that she regarded me as her dad. Actually, she had a stepfather who didn’t treat her too well.”

Reportedly, Anuradha and Kanwaljit Singh looked after the needs of Mariam since she called Kanwaljit her father. However, Kanwaljit once clarified in a media interview that Mariam was an independent girl who works in Santiago in the United States and often visited Mumbai.

Anuradha Patel's sons and daughter, Mariam (middle)

Anuradha Patel’s sons and daughter, Mariam (middle)

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